Elin, the owner and creator of Cafe del Mundo,  was born in a small village in Sweden in the early 80s. Soon after she was graduating she left Sweden for a big adventure, a trip around the world that she always had dreamed about.  The duration of the trip was over 7 months and when she came back to Sweden she wanted to explore more of the world; the feeling that a lot of travelers get.  She continued traveling while simultaneously studied and worked in Sweden. Elin was travelling with friends but she also worked for an overland company that traveled all over the world. When she celebrated her 28th birthday she had visited over 100 countries.

The same year, on one of her trips to Bolivia, she met her becoming husband, a Bolivian that lived in La Paz. When Elin decided to stay in La Paz, she opened the travel cafe “Cafe del Mundo”, for people all over the globe to meet, change travel experiences and eat food from all over the planet. And all the photos in the cafe are from different places Elin has been to. Even if Elin travels less now when she has two small daughters, the interest for travelling will never disappear and she loves to talk with people in the cafe, where they are from and where they are going. And of course, she also has a lot of tips and ideas on what to do and see in La Paz, Bolivia and the world!